Rug Repair

Rug repair by Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners, we offer expert rug repair and refurbishing services.  Our professional technicians are trained to clean and restore soiled and ragged area rugs and wall hangings, bringing warmth back into your home. 

We fix tears, holes and bindings 

Whether your rug was damaged by pets or insects, has holes or splits or even suffered fading from sun exposure, we can bring it back to near new condition.

Even rugs that were in your home at the time of flooding or a fire can be salvaged by our experts. Our organic deep cleaning process removes odors, stains and spots, and we can patch and mend damage so it is invisible.

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We care of modern and Oriental rugs, made from every material imaginable. Don’t worry about rugs under furniture - we’ll do the heavy lifting to remove and replace your rugs. We also remove and clean stair and hall runners.