Organic Cleaning

Our organic solutions keep your home healthy and clean

Lots of the more popular chemical carpet cleaning compounds leave residue behind, causing toxic buildup on your carpet that can irritate your skin and that of your children or pets. We choose instead to focus on organic and certified safe compounds, which clean your carpet safely and effectively.  Our customers rarely return to traditional carpet cleaning methods once they see how fresh and clean our methods leave their homes!

Carpet cleaning should do the following:

  • Eliminate allergens

  • Get rid of pet hair and odors

  • Kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms

  • Leave your carpet soft and clean down to the last fiber

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners, we substitute string, effective but organic cleansers for the harmful chemicals our competition uses. Our experts can clean and disinfect your carpet in record time, leaving you comfortable in body and mind knowing your home is toxin free!