Fire & Water Damage

24/7 Emergency Services - Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners is Here For You!

Have you suffered a disaster such as fire, flooding or sewer backup? Don’t panic - our crisis response team can restore your home and leave it looking (and smelling) like nothing ever happened.

Don’t assume you have to replace expensive wall to wall carpeting, area rugs or costly  upholstered furniture. Call Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners first. We can help. Our emergency disaster services cover:

Fire. Fire damage means smoke and smoke means soot. We can deep clean and deodorize to get rid of the traces left behind after a fire.

Flood. Flood damage means water - everywhere, leaving your carpets, rugs and furniture waterlogged. Don’t panic! Call Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners - we’ll safely and effectively extract water that is standing in your home and get rid of water breeding insects/microorganisms.

Mold and mildew. Harmful mold and mildew can cause respiratory problems, especially in adults, children or pets with asthma.  

Sewage. This can make you feel like simply walking away and never coming back! Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners can erase the traces of a bad sewer backup, cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting to return your home to cleanliness and comfort.

We also get rid of stains on and deodorize mattresses and wall hangings. Call for special fire and flood rates.