Info & Tips

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners, we recognize that routine carpet maintenance is something that not everyone thinks about. The following tips can help you keep your carpet looking gorgeous between cleanings, and reduce the chances of permanent stains or damage.


  • Clean wall to wall carpeting twice a year

  • Clean entryway rugs twice a year.

  • Clean hallway rugs, stair runners and large and small area rugs once a year

  • Clean upholstered furniture once yearly

  • Vacuum daily or every other day in high traffic areas.

  • Vacuum bi-weekly or weekly in upper floors and less used rooms.


  • Attend to spills or stains quickly, with a spot remover you have tested in a closet corner

  • Keep dry cotton rags on hand to use on spills

  • Be vigilant with pets and clean up stains promptly


  • Use pads under area rugs on both carpet and tile or hardwood floors

  • Turn rugs annually to make them wear evenly and avoid matting or ‘tracks’.

  • Use slipcovers, arm and headrest cover to protect your furniture from body oil and dirt

  • Keep pets off of furniture when possible

  • Ask for stain guard to be applied to protect your carpet between cleanings

  • Call Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners when:

  • There is a stain that won’t come up

  • There is a massive spill covering a large area

  • Your home suffers fire, flood or sewage backup