Carpet Cleaning

Organic carpet cleaning 

We at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners refuse to believe that the only way to clean something is with toxic chemicals.  Our state of the art equipment and 100% safe cleaning compounds do just as good a job without leaving chemical residue to build up in your carpet.

Spring clean, fall clean

If you schedule your carpets to be cleaned twice a year in the spring and fall, they’ll last longer and look fresher. We can set you up on a schedule that keeps your carpets as well as your  furniture and area rugs spotless and fresh. Clean in the spring to get rid of winter grime, and again in the fall to scrub away stains and smudges.

Carpet cleaning options:

We provide several different cleaning options depending on what type of type of carpeting you have and the level of soil. Our technicians can select the best option for your carpeting and proceed with the best method.

Dry Cleaning: For delicate carpets where use of water is prohibited, or seldom used rooms with a low level of dust and dirt. Our top of the line equipment sifts a safe, organic cleaning powder down into your carpet‘s fibers, then sucks it out again - along with soil.

Steam Cleaning:  Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners offers a cleaning option that forces steam down into the deepest fibers of your carpet. This kills dust mites and other microorganisms, and eliminates dust and allergens, making it the best solution for those with allergies or respiratory problems.  

Shampoo Cleaning:  This is the best option for heavily soiled carpeting. Our non toxic solution works hard to scrub away stains dirt, then rinses away cleanly. Our extractors powerfully remove moisture, shortening your carpet’s drying time and ensuring no residue stays in your carpet.