What reassurance do I have that your company is trustworthy?

All of our technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners guarantees its work 100% . Our commitment to giving you the highest quality cleaning experience without using harmful chemicals is extended to guarantee your complete satisfaction with carpet cleaning and restoration service!

What do you mean by ‘organic?’ Does that really work?

The organic compounds we use for cleaning consist of only certified safe ingredients that deep clean, rinse out thoroughly and leave behind no toxic residues. Your carpet will be soft, sweet smelling, and safe for your pets and children to roll around on! 

How long before my carpet is dry? 

Within 2-4 hours, your carpet will typically be dry enough for you to walk on it wearing socks or soft slippers. Within 6-24 hours, depending on the humidity, your carpet should be completely dry. If your carpet cleaning package included stain guard,  let as much drying as possible take place before walking on your carpet - 6-8 hours at minimum if at all possible.   

How often should I clean my carpet?

Cleaning twice a year is recommended by most leading carpet manufacturers. The best practice is to have your carpet cleaned in the spring and the fall, to get winter and summer grime cleaned up as soon as possible.  

I have lots of heavy furniture - how can I move it all? 

Don‘t worry about it. Furniture moving and replacement is included in all of ;our capret cleaning packages as well as our rug cleaning service.

My furniture is dirty too - can you help? 

Absolutely, we use up to date techniques to clean all types of upholstered furniture and leave it looking like new. Ask us about discounts for bundling professional carpet, upholstery, drape and rug cleaning services together, for a full home makeover.

Can you clean my rugs, too? 

We can. We provide a professional rug cleaning service that includes moving your furniture, picking up your rug, and returning it to you clean and fresh - ready for you to enjoy once more.  

I have pets… what about those types of stains and odors? 

Our specialized organic compounds are designed to fight stubborn pet stains and odors. Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning can eliminate pet hair, stains and odors, disinfecting and deodorizing.  Prompt action on your part can decrease the chances of the stain setting before we arrive, and if you let us stain guard your home, the chances of future stains and odors drops dramatically.

What about holes in my carpet, or discolorations? 

For holes, our carpet repair team with cut a piece of carpet to fit, remove the damaged piece, and invisibly seam the new piece in place - you won’t be able to even tell the difference between the old and new carpet! For discoloration, we can attempt to match the dye color to repair faded or bleached spots, or replace the discolored section completely.  

What level of satisfaction do you guarantee? 

100% satisfaction. We are positive you’ll never go back to traditional carpet cleaning after trying our organic cleaning services! If for any reason you feel like we could have done a better job, call us and we’ll make it right with you.  All of our technicians are dependable, respectful, and efficient, and we stand behind our cleaning processes.