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Does your carpet have ‘humps‘?

‘Humps’ or wrinkles in you carpet are annoying and even hazardous. What happens is that some carpeting can stretch over time, causing looseness. Our team can fix the problem, keeping you from having to replace the carpet when it is really still in good condition!  

How do you fix stretched carpet? 

It’s easier than you’d think!  Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners staff use the exact same techniques your original carpet installer used, bringing  knee kickers and power stretchers to your home in order to re-stretch your carpet and restore tautness.

Our professional crews can even fix gaps where carpet has split at a seam (if a room is wider than the roll of carpet, a seam is required to join two pieces.)

If the carpet separates, the seam is visible - but not for long! We can re-seam the carpet, making the gap disappear. Your carpet will look like new!

Your carpet will look brand new after we visit! 

When you compare the cost of re-stretching, re-seaming and cleaning your carpet to the cost of replacement, you’ll see why Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners is the better choice. Your wall to wall carpeting should last at least a decade or two.

Don’t put yourself to the expense and hassle of replacing it over a small, easily remedied  issue like a gap or a hump!

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